About us


Why us? Why BED ROYAL?

Today’s customer is extremely demanding and we try to listen to all needs. Most of our furniture has a sleep function and bed linen bins. We offer a large selection of quality, easy-care fabrics to make it as easy as possible to adapt our furniture to your home.

We only work with famous faces.

Ramūnas Rudokas, the face of the LOVŲ ROJAUS brand, is a Lithuanian actor, TV presenter and event host. The film “Condemned. Kaunas Novel” and “Condemned. Seaside Jazz” director. It is with great joy and a smile that LOVU ROJAUS launches its new online shop. The quality of our furniture is reflected in Ramunas’ expressions.

Online shop

If you want to choose your furniture from the comfort of your own home, you can find the full range of furniture at www.lovurojus.lt You can easily choose fabrics and colours here, but remember that due to the resolution and other subtleties of your computer or mobile phone screen, the actual colour of the fabric may be slightly different from what you see on your screen.

So come into the shop for a live consultation to see and assess the quality. Our knowledge and experience in interior design will help you choose your furniture and fabric collection.


What do people say?

Before you buy, be interested in what people say and in the depths of your “heart and shell”

"To be honest, no words can express how amazing the customer service is.
Viktorija Sažnevič


I recently complained about sleeping problems but the owners of bed paradise have helped me with everything from the bed to the mattress and super service thank you!
Samanta Bernotaitė


Thank you very much! To Charles for a wonderful informative description of all the goods he has, I never thought that so much is invested in the customer as here! 🙂
Birute Inataitė